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E-Bikes with proper E-Power

Manage even steep climbs with a smile

Our Haibike and Winora bikes are manufactured in Schweinfurt, Lower Franconia. Both the Haibike e-mountainbikes and the Winora e-touring bikes have a powerful Yamaha mid-engine. Suspension fork and ergo-grips provide comfort. Disc brakes and puncture-proof tyres ensure safety.

Yamaha Power
The bikes from Haibike and Winora are equipped with the 70Nm strong Yamaha engine. This offers outstanding handling characteristics and gives an even more genuine and clearer riding feeling (the power is available from the first crank rotation immediately in the full range). Revolutionary for a bike with a mid-engine: The double chainring in the front allows a 20-speed shifting.

Yucatan 8

Discover the Merano region sitting comfortably upright. With precise 8-speed Shimano gears and plenty of support from the powerful Yamaha mid-engine. With the powerful 400 Wh battery, the bike is ideal for medium-length excursions into nature. Winora gives you disc brakes so that you don't go down the mountain too fast. A suspension fork ensures comfort and high riding safety. Of course, this motor-assisted bike is equipped with lights, luggage rack, stand and mudguards so that you are ready for your tours.

Touring bike
Yucatan 20

A great bike also for longer tours. For an unchanged pedal frequency, whether uphill or downhill, the 20-gear Shimano XT derailleur shifts exactly through the gears. The powerful mid-engine from Yamaha supports you. With the powerful 500 Wh battery, the bike is perfect for day trips. So that you don't rush down the mountain too fast, Winora has disc brakes for you to take along. The reliable steel-sprung fork from Suntour has a good response behaviour. Of course this e-bike is equipped with mudguards, lights, luggage rack and stand, so that you are ready for your tours. The frame shape and the first-class equipment offer all possibilities to experience South Tyrol's west with pleasure.

Mountain Bike
SDURO HardSeven 3.0

The SDURO HardSeven 3.0 with its 500Wh battery and the powerful Yamaha PW-ST motor offers the extra power for extended tours or steep climbs. The reliable Sram NX 11-gear transmission offers a finely graduated gear ratio, especially on the mountain, with which even steep ramps can be conquered with ease.

Mountain Bike
SDURO FullSeven 3.0

A full-suspension and agile eMTB for extended off-road tours. The SDURO FullSeven 3.0 with its 150mm suspension travel offers the extra comfort for trail trips. The powerful Yamaha PW-ST drive with 500Wh battery provides the necessary power for steep climbs. The bike offers high-quality equipment at a fair price.

Mountain Bike
SDURO FullSeven 4.0

The Haibike Sduro FullSeven 4.0 is a touring bike with an excellent price-performance ratio and stands up to any comparison with confidence. The Shimano Deore shifting group has many features that until recently were only found in top shifting groups. The disc brakes are convincing with good control and maximum braking power. The 27.5-inch tyres are particularly suitable for single trails and winding courses. The moveable rear end, with a damper at the rear, does the same job as the suspension fork at the front. This provides safety on rough tracks. Not only motorcyclists get a grin from the name Yamaha, also e-bikers love the drives of the Japanese manufacturer. Quality, performance and passion can easily be seen in the e-systems. The Yamaha PW-SE mid-engine, pleases with its dynamic response and its powerful 70 Nm torque. The 500 Wh battery provides range.

Mountain Bike
SDURO FullSeven 9.0

The Haibike Sduro FullSeven 9.0 is simply fun. You can see that Haibike invests a lot in development work and in the fine tuning of its e-bikes. The 75 Nm strong Bosch Performance CX mid-engine offers excellent support. As one of the German pioneers in the field of e-mobility, Bosch can now draw on some experience that is definitely noticeable in their products. The Swabians' system is well thought-out, tested and reliable. The 500 Wh Intube battery is elegantly integrated and offers very good range. With the Eagle shifting group from SRAM the biker on this bike enjoys a real revolution - 12 gears in one sprocket set offer the right ratio in every situation. The 4-piston disc brake MAGURA MT7 is simply terrific on the trail, it is easy to control and offers more power than most riders need. The first choice for all bikers whose focus is on long, strenuous descents. A hydraulic seat post makes the trail package perfect.

Children's Mountain Bike
Haibike SDuro HardFour RX

The award-winning (Eurobike-Award 2015) children's Ebike Haibike SDuro Hardfour. From the age of eight, kids can go on tour with their parents - making cycling a family experience. Differences in power and range are compensated by the proven Yamaha mid-engine.

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