Pure E-Motion while biking in South Tyrol

Enjoyable cycling tours around Merano

Biking in South Tyrol with a unique alpine scenery, mild climate and Mediterranean charm: Merano and environs is not only the land of alpine mountains and Mediterranean valleys, but also the land of pleasure. If you enjoy locomotion with energetic electric assistance, then even the ascents are no longer a problem.

Relaxed cycling lets you immerse yourself in the scents and colours of nature. The e-bike is the ideal means of transport to get to know places and landscapes around Merano.

E-biking is perfect for a gentle cardiovascular training, because you are mostly moving in the lower and middle pulse range. E-bikes are therefore optimal training devices that allow even less trained people to cycle again in a simple and gentle way. Should the pulse rate rise higher on ascents, the motor simply gives you more support at the push of a button. Thus the heart rate is always under control. Everyday distances are no longer a challenge, but pure pleasure.

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